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NB:  WHEN IS A CHRISTIAN A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST? When he/she has been called by God, is following Jesus by obeying His great commission and is willing to pay the price.


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8 practical worskhops this year for those who have already done warrior school.  Booking essential.
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Doop van Gelowiges
5 December 2017

Die mees kragtige geestelike ervaring wat 'n gelowige in Jesus Christus (na wedergeboorte) kan ondervind is die doop van gelowiges. Daar heers groot onkunde tans onder gelowiges oor die doop. Lees hierdie dokument ten einde 'n grondige begrip te kry van die misleiding van die babadoop en die betekenis en die krag van die ware doop (van gelowiges deur volle onderdompeling).
Demonic Soul Copies Level 3: Prisoners of War
27 November 2017

The enemy are keeping demonic soul copies of living people captive in spiritual places under his reign. This has an effect on the person living on earth in that it assists in keeping him/her in bondage e.g. sexual immorality, addictions, rejection, trauma etc. Jesus said that He came to set the captives free and in His power and anointing we should do the same - this is yet another powerful spiritual key from the throne of Jesus to assist in preparing His Bride for His return!
Demonic Soul Copies Level 3: Prisoners of War
16 October 2017

"Prisoners of War" is about demonic soul copies of living people (yes, children of God such as you and me) that are being held captive by Satan and his demons in infernal spiritual places under his reign. This has an effect on the real living person on earth in that it aids in keeping the person in some kind of emotional, physical or spiritual bondage. Jesus came to "set the captives free" and He expects of us to do the same if we are following His great commission.
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