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Demoniese Sielskopiee - Vlak 2 (Hoe toets jy vir 'n DSK?)
19 Feb 2019

Hierdie DVD verduidelik mooi vir die Afrikaanse Bruid van Jesus hoe jy moet toets vir 'n DSK in 'n medegelowige. Dit volg op Demoniese Sielskopiee Vlak 1, so ons beveel aan dat die 2 DVD's saam bestel word sodat Vlak 1 eers deurgewerk kan word (wat mooi verduidelik wat is 'n DSK) en daarna kan Vlak 2 bestudeer word. NB - Dit is VERSEKER nie dieselfde konsep as DID nie.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

Demoniese Sielskopiee Vlak 1 - AFRIKAANS
05 Dec 2018

Demoniese Sielskopiee is Jesus Christus se waarheid oor die leuen van reinkarnasie. Hierdie 5 CD DVD reeks is inleidend tot die konsep van DVD's en verduidelik dit asook die demoniese werking daarvan in gelowiges in Jesus Christus. Dit gee ook Bybelse perspektief en verduidelik hoekom dit so 'n kragtige instrument in die hande van Satan is om kinders van die Here in gevangenisskap te hou.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

The evil stronghold of the Queen of Heaven
25 Jun 2018

This 5 DVD set contains an explanation of the evil stronghold of the Queen of Heaven. The Ladies Faith, Hope and Charity of the Freemasons are definitely not as innocent as they appear. Instead, they are the vicious evil trinity of Jezebel, Hecate and Lilith and are currently succeeding to keep many believers in Jesus Christ in bondage. This DVD also contains a complete renunciation prayer designed to also assist individual believers (or groups) with deliverance from this stronghold.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

Wash your spiritual DNA in the blood of the Lamb, Christ Jesus
07 Jun 2018

As reborn Christians our spirits have already become holy and unblemished but our souls and bodies need to be washed by the blood of the Lamb, our Saviour Jesus Christ. This DVD is about blood line curses and how to pray and ask Jesus to cancel these over ourselves, our children and further descendants. The spiritual seed of these blood line curses also need to be washed from our spiritual DNA. The DVD includes a complete renunciation prayer.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

Demonic Soul Copies Level 3: Prisoners of War
27 Nov 2017

The enemy are keeping demonic soul copies of living people captive in spiritual places under his reign. This has an effect on the person living on earth in that it assists in keeping him/her in bondage e.g. sexual immorality, addictions, rejection, trauma etc. Jesus said that He came to set the captives free and in His power and anointing we should do the same - this is yet another powerful spiritual key from the throne of Jesus to assist in preparing His Bride for His return!

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

The evil stronghold of Athaliah
30 Jun 2017

This stronghold of darkness is commissioned by the enemy to kill the spiritual seed of Jesus Christ, namely the calling of believers in Jesus Christ (from God the Father) over their lives. This is an attempt of the enemy to prevent believers from standing up in their creative purpose, thereby keeping them in physical, psychological and spiritual bondage to the enemy. As a result thereof, these believers are rendered powerless for God and His Kingdom. A renunciation prayer is also included in this 5 CD pack.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

The bloodline curse of Freemasonry and its devastating effect on believers in Jesus Christ
25 Jan 2017

Almost all Christians have Freemasonry in their ancestry! The Bride of Christ should be aware of the true nature of Freemasonry and why it brings curse over a bloodline in soul and body but also spiritually. The DVD also includes a renunciation prayer to assist believers in Jesus Christ to cancel this curse over themselves and their descendants.

R 350.00 (approx US$ 22.44)

Warrior School
02 Dec 2016

The Warrior School is made up of 10 modules comprising 10 sets of DVD's with teaching material to equip believers in Jesus Christ as active end-time Warriors in His holy end-time army. The focus is upon the great commission of Jesus namely "setting the captives free" (inner healing and deliverance)!

R 2,500.00 (approx US$ 160.25)

Hurt Inner Children and Hurt Inner Adults
20 Sep 2016

Believers in Jesus Christ are being held captive by unhealed trauma in their soul dimensions due to Hurt Inner Children and Hurt Inner Adults. Order this DVD from us now to find out what this spiritual concept is and how to allow Jesus to heal you by His precious and powerful blood. We are all able to live in complete victory whilst on earth through utmost obedience and submission to our creator God, Jesus Christ.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

Inner Healing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
12 Aug 2016

This DVD set is intended to be a practical tool to teach believers how to pray with the Holy Spirit for their own inner healing and restoration in soul and body. Sanctification of the soul starts with repentance of sin, forgiving the living and the dead (including yourself) and obtaining healing from past trauma. This is a MUST HAVE DVD for every reborn child of God. Jesus has made us new in our spirits but now we also have to allow Him to wash us clean with His blood in soul and body.

R 300.00 (approx US$ 19.23)

Geestelike Erfenis van die Afrikaner
17 Jun 2016

Die Afrikaners in Suid-Afrika gaan gebuk onder geweldige geestelike vloeke van dood en vernietiging as gevolg van die misleiding van hul Vrymesselaarleiers. Hierdie DVD verduidelik hoe hierdie misleiding deur middel van die verskeie geloftes (onder andere by Bloedrivier) en later met die oprigtig van die Voortrekkermonument, elke Afrikaner persoon in Suid-Afrika onder geweldige sterk geestelike vloeke vasgetrek het. Ons Here Jesus Christus wil die Afrikanermense vrymaak sodat hulle in hul volle skeppingsdoel in Hom kan opstaan. Hulle sal egter eers moet vry kom van hierdie bindinge en hierdie DVD het ook 'n verloeningsbebed aan die einde wat die Bruid van Christus hiermee help. 6 DVD's dual layer is in hierdie pak.

R 350.00 (approx US$ 22.44)

Kundalini Awareness
14 Jan 2016

Kundalini is the counterfeit holy spirit (a demon) and is invading the Bride of Christ with false signs and wonders and are also blocking believers' inner healing and deliverance. Kundalini is already prevalent in some of our charismatic churches and all believers in Jesus should therefore learn to discern between the working and manifestation of the true Holy Spirit and the false.

R 250.00 (approx US$ 16.03)

DVD: Demonic Soul Copies Level 2
10 Jul 2015

Our DVD set on Demonic Soul Copies Level 2 contains 5 DVD's of which the first 4 are dual layer. It consists of teaching, 2 DSC manifestations (one a Mafia member named Arnold Bassachi and the other a witch called Hecta and her 2 sons who lived thousands of years ago and worshipped the water spirit Loki) as well as 14 testimonies of people who had DSC's in them.

R 250.00 (approx US$ 16.03)

DVD: Demonic Soul Copies (level 1)
13 Jun 2014

This is a set of 2 DVD's with just over 4 hours' viewing time explaining the basic concept of a demonic soul copy and including two video clips of actual DSC manifestations. An absolute must see for any disciple of Jesus Christ that is serious about setting the captives free! The price includes postage fees.

R 200.00 (approx US$ 12.82)

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