Who is a friend of the ministry?

Any person who has seen (or experienced) the fruit of the ministry, supports the ministry and wants to be continually associated with it. Such a person therefore becomes a part of the Ignited in Christ circle of friends.

Why would someone want to join Ignited in Christ as a friend?

Firstly, and most importantly, out of appreciation for what our Lord Jesus Christ did for them, directly or indirectly, if they or their family and/or friends have been ministered to and have obtained healing, restoration and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Secondly, out of a desire to see the "captives set free", based on the fruit that the ministry shows and the clear difference that it makes in believers' lives.

Thirdly, friends of Ignited in Christ are given the opportunity to share directly and indirectly in the fruit of the ministry. Some of the "fruit" of the ministry are the following:

  • We learn a lot about the strategies of the kingdom of darkness in believers' lives as well as how the spiritual realm works. We draft certain publications from time to time wherein we share with our friends what we have learned in the School of the Holy Spirit. Friends will be added to our mailing list and will receive regular updates on what’s new in the ministry;

  • Friends will receive a periodic "Ignited Diary" (our newsletter) whereby we will keep our friends abreast of the things that we have learned in the School of the Holy Spirit during that period and of any new publications loaded onto our web page. In this way, friends with a passion for the broken-hearted and captives but who are not able to stand in this ministry (either part time or full time) may still be able to grow with us spiritually and will be able to share in everything we learn; and

  • All friends will continuously be covered in prayer by Ignited in Christ as well as by the Ignited in Christ circle of friends.

What is expected of a friend?

To support us in prayer and to help spread the good news of salvation, freedom and complete victory in Jesus Christ.

How do I become a friend?

Simply complete the questionnaire below and submit it to us so that we may add your personal data to our list of friends.

The reason for all the detail required is to make sure that you are a real and bona fide person.

Financial support for the ministry

It will be greatly appreciated if our friends would also support the ministry financially by making regular donations (see our bank details on the “about us” page). However, this is not a requirement for becoming a friend of the ministry.

Based on scriptures such as Matthew 10 verses 5 to 15 and 3 John 1: 5 -8, it is clear that our Lord Jesus Christ wants His disciples to work in His Kingdom for free.

In obedience to our Lord’s calling and instruction, the ministry therefore does not charge any of the people that it ministers to any fees for ministry sessions or any other services rendered.

Some of our disciples are already full time involved in this ministry and therefore has no other income. Other disciples are still fully employed elsewhere but would very much want to be in the ministry full time, if they could just afford to resign their day-jobs. As a friend of the ministry, you can provide the financial support to enable the ministry to expand with the result that many more people may get the opportunity to gain freedom and healing in Jesus Christ.

The main and only way in which to make a ministry such as this viable and sustainable in the long run, is by continuous financial sponsorships from people who have either themselves benefited directly or indirectly from the ministry or who have seen the fruit of the ministry and want to invest into it so that more believers in Jesus Christ may be set free from bondage and equipped as warriors for Him in the future.

We would therefore greatly appreciate your financial support to a ministry that obeys our Lord's Great Commission (Mar. 16: 15-18) by "setting the captives free". Friends of Ignited in Christ will know that their monthly contribution enables the disciples, who are specifically called and trained for this ministry, to minister deliverance and healing to their brothers and sisters in Christ (for free).

Become a friend of Ignited in Christ today and join us on this amazing spiritual journey with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ... Become spiritually equipped to both live a life of victory in Jesus Christ and to lead others to victory as well!

Become a friend of Ignited In Christ

Kindly note that cellular phone number is compulsory while home and work phone numbers are optional.

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